Ecological Applications of Technology for International Trade

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Ecological Applications of Technology for International Trade (EATIT) World is based in Ahmedabad, INDIA. Its Director is Dr Anand Sarabhai, a scientist by training and temperament. His journey from molecular biology to ecologically sustainable, aesthetically delightful products of daily use was not very long. While he is a director in one of India's largest pharmaceutical companies, his concern for the loss of natural eco-systems and habitats inspired him to champion products made from resources such as cane, bamboo, leaves as well as recycling throw-away materials into usable items. "An economic incentive is needed to encourage people to save the rainforest. Other wise why shouldn't they cut down trees?"

Dr Anand Sarabhai comes from a family that founded one of India's largest textile mills and cultural centers and commissioned Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn to build in Ahmedabad.

EATIT WORLD's laboratories and workshops are based in Ahmedabad. EATIT WORLD products have been exported to the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Australia and Japan. Some of our products have also been used for specific events, for example the Amazon Foundation Dinner organized in Los Angeles by Virgin Atlantic Airlines: for promotional purposes by international corporates like the National Geographic, BIC, Westinghouse Environmental Affairs, Konica, More Balls than Most, and so on.

EATIT WORLD's activities and products have received worldwide media attention. These include,

  • The International Design Magazine selected EATIT's Cane Bicycle design as among the I D's list of 40 most inspiring designs from thousands of entries received from all over the world. Going Global : The ID Forty Trekking to Design's Frontiers, January-February 1998.
  • Weltkunst, Mai 2001, Der Planet Erde steht auf der Kippe.
  • Elle Décor, Winter 2001,1st Anniversary Designer Special, Indian Issue.
  • Elle Decoration, November-December 1992, British Issue.
  • The New York Times Magazine, November 1992
  • Washington Home, June 29, 1995
  • Recycled Re-Seen : Folk Art from the Global Scrap Heap, edited by Charlene Cerny and Suzanne Seriff.
  • The Natural Choice, Summer-Fall 1995 Catalog of Healthy Home Products, published by Eco Design Co., Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.