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Ripple Lamps

Ripple Lamps are made from the finest cotton fabric that is deliberately creased into ripples to diffuse the light. As the Lamp moves gently in the breeze, it creates an interesting effect of rippling light, shadows and patterns.

Most contemporary lamp design is high tech and ultra sophisticated -- tall, angular shapes in metal, almost always in black with a matte or shiny finish, looking very svelte. Ripple Lamps look fun. Completely low-tech, they are made from natural, creased cotton fabric, which may be plain or printed, with bamboo and brass supports. They are rectangular in shape with the fabric flaps slit for easy movement, are available in many size-lengths, and can be hung from almost anywhere indoors to match any décor.

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MetaLamps, VesseLamps and Ripple Lamps are available in numerous sizes, shapes and designs.

See also EATIT WORLD's MetaLamps & VesseLamps.

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