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METALUGGAGE : Travelling with Attitude

You've traveled with the best luggage accessories in the world. Now travel with a bag that's only one of its kinds ever. What could be more exclusive?

EATIT WORLD re-invented the metal luggage idea, using mis-printed metal sheets, thus finding a productive, creative, more in-your-face use to these colorful, sturdy, lightweight sheets. A unique curved profile was built into the cover of the suitcase adding tremendous strength for hardy use, and at the same time keeping it as light as can be. Traditional double locks, recycled leather corners, jute inner lining and a cane handle designed for ease in carrying, completed the one-of-a-kind item piece produced from misprinted metal sheets, recycled galvanized metal sheets and copper sheets.

Metal Luggageclick to enlarge

Each piece is so uniquely personalized that it can never ever be confused with any other piece of dull standard beige-black-brown luggage no matter how sleek-looking. On the airport or railway station, it can be spotted a mile off and is impossible to confuse with any other baggage. It goes easily through security X-ray machines as the thin metal sheet 'exposes' the interior clearly. MetaLuggage cannot be slit or tampered with for stealing or pilferage, a constant possibility when traveling.

Besides using MetaLuggage as luggage, it can also be used for the following:

  • An attractive 'packing' option for your merchandise: You pick the size that suits the product. For instance, instead of using large paper bags and cardboard boxes, fashion designers can use the right-size MetaLuggage to pack their designer wear, much to the delight, we're sure, of the customer. An exclusive design in an exclusive box!
  • To safely store Expensive Textiles Cashmere woolens, silks, brocades and other textiles that can be destroyed by moths, silver fish and other insects can be stored at home or in boutiques stocking such products.
  • MetaLuggage can be adapted or slightly re-designed for the needs of Professionals who are constantly on the move. Some of these could be,
    - Vanity Cases for Fashion Models, Beauticians
    - Laptop Computer Bags
    - Equipment Bags for Photographers, Technical Surveyors
    - First Aid Kit Bags for Paramedics
    - Sports Equipment Bags
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Metaluggage is presently available in five sizes that nest into each other, though all five may not have the same design! Freightwise, it is most economical to order a 'Hi-Five' set, as it occupies the least volume.
Size (lxbxh)
20 x 14 x 5.75
18 x 12 x 5.25
16 x 10 x 4.50
14 x 8 x 3.75
12 x 6 x 3.00
all size in 'inches'