Ecological Applications of Technology for International Trade
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All over the world, nothing is as stale as yesterday's news. But can masses of old newspapers and colorful magazines be made contemporary once more? Newspaper strips rolled tight and hard became strong yet bendable straws. They can be rolled around natural reeds to add further strength. A lot of wonderful things can be made with these colorful and strange-looking straws, with a bit of news disappearing into a roll every now and then!

At EATIT, the straws were shaped into rectangular placemats woven together with brightly colored thread. They could be made simply and quickly with easily available raw material in every part of the world. If made from the tough, glossy newsprint used by magazines, they could take a bit of beating with spilled water or food also and last a few more meals!

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The ease with which the paper- covered reeds could roll up created one more product idea - blinds. At a fraction of the cost of regular blinds, these could match any room décor, in an office or a home. In warmer climates, they could also emerge as door screens, and verandah or window shades. And of course, newspaper and magazines offices all over the world would be sitting on a gold mine. Yesterday's news would be stale no more.

Option : The Headlines Placemats and Blinds can be made to go much further if newsprint is replaced by discarded and unused cloth cut pieces from tailor waste of clothing manufacturers which is otherwise trashed.

EATIT WORLD offers both the newsprint and waste cloth options. Corporates also generate a lot of paper waste as do commercial printing presses, airlines and so on. EATIT WORLD can take this waste and recycle it creating placemats and blinds to be returned to the corporates for personal use, to be given as gifts/souvenirs to visitors. Placemats made from tonnes of old airline timetables can be made into placemats for in-flight use that the travelers could take back as a complimentary gift. Such an initiative could do wonders for the corporate’s image as a ‘ecological socially responsible corporate citizen’, sending a strong message of support to recycling to all their customers and associates, and building up a loyal market base for the corporate.

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