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Botanika Leafware-Disposable Dinnerware

There are many ways in which one can 'use' a living tree without destroying it in any way. If renewable parts of the tree – such as the flowers, fruits andleaves – are used, then the pressure on cutting forests is much minimised.

EATIT WORLD’s constant search for ancient solutions for a modern world, focused attention on the ecologically safe and sustainable ways in which many ancient communities in South Asia & South-East Asia, have been for centuries using large leaves of specific trees and vines, sewn together with bits of smooth stem and fashioned into ‘disposable’ plates and bowls.


This natural ‘crockery’ easily decomposes, creating neither pollution nor garbage nor solid waste disposal problems!

Such use of leaves inspired EATIT WORLD’s range of Leafware, a disposable, environment-friendly dinnerware and dining accessories designed for contemporary use. They are 100% bio-degradable and compost able. They are crafted from the leaves of deciduous Tropical Persimmon (Diospyros melanoxylon), Orchid tree (Bauhinia vahlii) and Khakhro tree (Butea frondosa). The leaves are carefully harvested. This is the best time to work with the leaves with every leaf a perfect combination of internal elasticity, moisture and dryness to survive the hand production process without cracking and the leaves' subsequent use as eating ware. They are hygienically cleaned, herbally treated, and woven together with natural fibers. They are then designed as plates and bowls, placement mats and table covers, for easy use and most importantly, guilt-free throwaway after the party's over!

If used at home (for parties and festivals such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.), just clean them of the food remains and put them in the backyard compost, if there is one or dispose them off as one would any other disposable product. If used at picnics, dig a shallow hole, put the plates in and cover with sand/forest waste/whatever natural material available nearby. It will biodegrade within weeks. If at sea, simply tip overboard; the fish will have a nice meal!

Leaf harvesting does not harm trees. Production of Forestware eases the economic pressure to cut down trees and therefore the forest communities have a continuous source of income.

Leafware: The Product Range

  • Plates : With raised edges, 12" diameter.
  • Plates : With raised edges, 7'diameter.
  • Plates : With raised edges, divided into 4 compartments, 12" diameter.
  • Bowls : Circular, Hexagonal, 5" diameter.
  • Serving Bowls : Circular, 8" diameter
  • Placemats : Circular, 12" diameter
  • Table Covers : Circular, 4' diameter; Square, 4'x 4'

Leafware Products can be utilized effectively by various sectors in the hospitality industry worldwide as eco-friendly alternatives to disposable dinnerware using traditional materials like plastic or paper.

For Food Use:

  • Cruise ships, liners and yachts where food-free plates can be disposed off in the sea/lake/river and is food for the fish.
  • Hotels and resorts set in jungles, seasides, mountains and other nature-sensitive areas where they can easily be composted.
  • Restaurants in nature parks, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage-protected areas where such bio-degradable waste can be a viable alternative to litter management and can be recycled as fertilizer.
  • Fast food chains in urban areas, which can have their own vermiculture pits to create organic fertilizer. This can do wonders for the image of chains, which are otherwise often associated with encouragement of unhealthy eating habits.

Leafware can be adroitly adapted to package non-food products that are eco-friendly and from natural extracts, thus adding value to such products.

For Non-Food Use:

  • Beauty and fitness products (Packaging)
  • Herbal or alternative medicines (Packaging)
  • Leafware bowls and plates can become attractive window display material to hold eco-friendly products too.

EATIT would love to collaborate with corporates and interested persons on such ventures. Leafware can easily be made to specifications in terms of size, design and stamped logos if orders are large enough. The applications are mind-boggling. If only we allow our imaginations to take over!

One more great way in which you can become part of the solution rather than a problem!

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Botanika Picnic Hamper
Picnic Hamper
This is a compact, cylindrical box made of cardboard and wood. It holds 153 items that can serve the 'dining' needs of 30 picnickers.

In addition the box itself is multi-purpose. Its wooden lid transforms into a chopping board. The Hibachi grill can be removed and used and after grilling is over, the cutting board can be placed on it and it becomes a serving table. Once the contents of the box are removed, it can be turned over for another serving table.

The dinnerware consists of 20 platters/placemats, 30 plates, 16 serving bowls, 80 eating bowls and 3 table covers.