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Footwear made from fabric, available in single color, single fabric as well as with a two-toned effect

Fooaro is EATIT WORLD’s footwear brand that takes inspiration from the simple and comfortable Shoe-sandal, the Pathani.

The Pathani is itself an example of a great, time-tested design that efficiently answers the demands of functionality and elegance It is traditional footwear of the Pathans, residents of the tough, mountainous areas bordering Afghanistan-Pakistan. The rugged, outdoor life that this community led (and leads) required equally rugged footwear and the Pathani developed out of this need.

footwear for men and women

Two large flaps fold over each, tapering off as straps that are buckled to secure the sandal to the foot. While there's a little 'breathing' hole at the toes, the front foot is completely protected like a shoe. The heel area is left exposed, ventilating the footwear, much like a sandal. Once the buckle strap is adjusted, the sandal can be easily slipped on and off, making it one of the most comfortable footwear designs imaginable. One can walk for miles wearing a Pathani, ride a horse, or wear an elegantly embroidered pair to one’s wedding!

EATIT WORLD developed the Fooaro, replacing the leather with tough fabrics like denim, canvas, upholstery and furnishing materials. The Fooaro are made from natural fabric, principally denim and canvas in different colors, as well as woven, thick furnishing fabric for a ravishing effect. Both men and women can wear Fooaros.

Fooaro comes in single color, single fabric as well as with a two-toned effect.

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