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Coco Balls: Most versatile little round box made from Coconut shell

Salvador Dali would have been delighted. Imagine an otherwise clean-shaven coconut shell with a tuft beard that can be zipped open and shut! Though coastal communities have already found a use for every part of the coconut tree, EATIT WORLD just went ahead and found one more - the cleaned coconut shell connected together by a colorful zipper, making it a handy, funky container for a 101 things. The Coco Ball. Most significantly, it is an organic, eco-friendly substitute to ordinary, unimaginative, often plastic kitbags that we could happily do without.

Coco Balls

Besides being an ideal beach accessory (it can hold everything from a bikini and a scarf to your sunscreen and suntan lotions! And is still game enough to play Catch!) they never-would-fail-to-bring-a-smile-to-the-face. Coco Ball is the most versatile little, round box.

  • In the home : To keep every little thing that you always need but can never find - from toothpicks to keys to specs or to hide the TV remote.
  • On the golf green : To hold golf balls and tees. The tuft beard can be used to clean dirty balls.
  • As a piggy bank : For that little nest egg to zip into in situations of dire emergency.
  • As a gift pack : To hold wonderful little gifts. In fact, it is a double gift as the Coco Ball is an equally wonderful gift in itself.
  • As a travel carry-on make-up/shaving kit : It'll take everything except you hairbrush, maybe.
  • As an invite holder : To exclusive functions and social dos such as art auctions, elite parties, openings, fashion shows, etc.
  • Commercially : As toiletries holder distributed to air travelers and other similar uses in the hospitality industry; to hold samples at launches of all commodities that can easily fit into a Coco Ball (chocolates, soaps, beauty products, stationery, medicines, food items, seed kits, etc.), as well as a Corporate Gift.

Can you find any more uses? Just go ahead. Imagine how much you would help the hundreds of coconut harvesters in coastal areas all over the world to recycle a natural container for repeated use.

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