Ecological Applications of Technology for International Trade
Travel Luggage made of scrap metal
Papadini Pasta Coco Balls Cane Bicycle Fooaro Hats Headlines
Botanika Forestware Metaluggage Metalamps Ripple Lamps Vesselamps
Travel Luggage made of scrap metal
Recycling at its best Vessel Lamp Travel Luggage made of scrap metal
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designs ecologically sustainable and aesthetically delightful, functional products of daily use from scrap, boxes from coconut shells, screens, mats and sun hats from old newspapers, travel bags from rejected tin sheets, footwear from discarded denim and canvas fabric, dinnerware and picnic hamper from leaves, lamps from metal sheets and creased cotton fabric. This is recycling at its creative best
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  The Cane Bicycle: EATIT WORLD thought a Cane Bicycle would be just the right answer for their needs! Cane is a sturdy, elastic, lightweight material with a natural shock-absorbing quality. >>

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